Mangoes in monsoon…and others.....

This summer, mangoes started early and seem they’ll continue well till the rains. So…will you continue with mango mania? Or….change your choice?? The coming of monsoons brings about the sniffles n colds, upset tummies and fevers. Rains that cleanse the earth may upset our digestive system. Mud gets stuck on to fruits and vegetables, you have to soak them longer in water and clean them thoroughly. Especially the green leafy veggies. Load up on Vitamin C rich foods to build up your immunity. Oranges, Mosambis, Amla even tomato. For fish lovers, it’s a lean period as less fish are available. Also it may be less healthy to eat. All contaminants enter water bodies an could be present in the fish. Teas are soothing and come in a variety of flavors and spices. Have chai with roasted gram, peanuts..fried food is tempting but eat home made and control the portions. Have a small snack bar or few nuts. Spices enhance health. They are immunity boosters. They aid digestion too. Gingerand honey soothe the throat. Cumin aids digestion. Turmeric had antibacterial properties. Rains give us an excuse to stay indoors….and avoid exercising!! This could lead to unhealthy lifestyle with less activity and consumption of calorie rich foods. Substitute rice and chapattis with Millets especially at dinner.  Boost your protein intake with dals, sprouts, eggs, chicken….and if you need it on the go…a protein bar or yogurt. Snack healthy. Have fruits, few nuts, home made salads of fruits and veggies. Top up on liquids- whole juices, fat free milk, herbal teas. Do floor exercises, yoga, dance… and stick to a healthy diet.


Deepa Kamath



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