Marathon- Diet and Hydration.

If you have decided to run a marathon - full , half or few Kms.....Know that you cannot be ready if you start just before D day!
Apart for exercise and practicing running, the right foods and rehydrating play a major role.
In recent times, a generous carb meal before the marathon has been prescribed. But the training for a marathon would begin at least a month before the event and healthy fats are recommended in weeks leading up to the big event. A high carb diet helps in maintaining optimum glycogen levels required. Energy and performance improved.
Hydration with water , glucose or fructose and essential potassium and sodium salts throughout has been recommended. Also drinking beetroot juice along with water before a marathon could help in maintaining nitrate levels.
When you are unable to get a wholesome meal , could be due to myriad reasons, Energy bars with adequate protein help to fill in the nutrition gap. But choose carefully. A good bar will have wholesome and few ingredients, nothing artificial, give minimum of 250 calories and about 10 gms of protein per serve. If it is rich in antioxidants, it's a winner. A sports drink or gel which has simple sugars and salts to rehydrate are a good choice.
So cheers! Get an early start to the finish line :)
....Deepa Kamath ( Dietician)

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