Bars Vs Chocolate

Meeting’s over…You’re hungry….skipped lunch so don’t feel like having a meal yet need something on the go! Most of us are guilty of either grabbing a packet of chips or a chocolate. What are we giving to our body? Energy..yes, calories…yes…..protein…No, Vitamins…No… In short…very low on nutrition. This where a protein bar  or energy bar comes in as a better alternative. Protein bars generally have 20 gms protein and 100-200 calories. Energy bars generally have 200-300 calories and about 10 gms protein. Most of the well crafted bars also have omega fatty acids, fibre, some vitamins and minerals. Look out to check for added flavors, additives and preservatives…not desirable. Better to choose a bar that has a shorter shelf life but wholesome and nutritious.

So overall, compared to a chocolate bar - a protein or energy bar is a much healthier choice.


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