Changing Dietary Patterns....

 Look around the food court, we see people feasting on a plethora of foods. What started as a basic need- food for hunger, strength, nourishment and sustenance has now become more of an adventure in taste, fads, social status etc. Advertisements entice us to try the latest sensation in food!Food food everywhere but not a thought to health. Food habits have changed with evolution. Man started as a hunter gatherer, then domesticated livestock and learnt farming. With improvement in agriculture and animal rearing, man had more food choices. Cuisines developed regionally. With advent of faster travel, cuisines became multinational and pan continental. Now a variety of foods are available to each of us and we are spoilt for choice! The results are out in plain sight- obesity, and health issues on one hand and non sustainable food demands on the other. So how do we maintain optimum nutrition and health as well as be eco and environmentally conscious? Many studies today point towards primarily plant based diets. Animal foods and meats are fine in moderation.

When you choose plant based diets like the Mediterranean diet, A Sattvic Indian diet….. it includes fresh vegetables, salads, healthy fats, nuts, unpolished grains, dairy, fruits and white meat. It is rich in fibre, protein, energy, vitamins and antioxidants. Excessive calories, sugars, unhealthy fats, processed foods and junk is avoided. Mindful eating is the need of the hour and exercising daily is not optional!

-Deepa Kamath


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