After Dinner hunger pangs...

How many times have you stayed up late to finish that project work, watch a late night movie, or just arrived late from you workplace? It is usually past midnight, you aren’t asleep , your dinner was more than 3 hours ago......and your stomach is rumbling!

What do you do? Reach out for a guilty indulgence? Just drink water? Or switch off the lights and hope to fall asleep? Does the thought of eating that late make you feel guilty... Or helpless....even angry.

You are not alone. It’s happened to us all some time. The relief is - you may eat..but what and how much matters.

Here are some healthy snacks you can have if you are up late.

1] A glass of flavoured water or tea.

2] A glass of skimmed milk.

3]Fat free yogurt / curds

4] Water rich fruits- melons , citrus or pomegranate.

5] Veggie sticks or salad – small bowl with Italian dressing or vinegar.

6] Popcorn mildly flavoured- no butter or cheese – 1 small bowl.

Remember to make it small. No seconds! Also avoid caffeine and sodas, oily snacks or desserts. Eating heavy late at night can cause heart burn and acidity. At the same time, trying to sleep on an empty stomach may mean tossing in bed- unable to fall asleep.

Whenever possible, go to bed 2- 3hours post dinner and after a moderate walk.

Staying up late should be an aberration not the norm.

Sleep well

Deepa K

[Chief Dietician]


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