Have a task ?........Eat!!


Students rushing to classes,  professionals rushing off to meetings..... in a hurry – have one thing in common – skipping meals.

In order to meet various schedules, people usually cut back on sleep or skip a meal. The article linked below shows the effect of skipping meals on work or task.

Carbohydrates are brain food. Along with Vitamins like folate, Vit K, Choline. Omega fatty acids too are essential.

Choose whole grains along with oily fish, Nuts, eggs, berries, avocado and oils such as virgin coconut and olive oils.

Snacking is a powerful tool in aiding concentration and memory, Especially for those working late at night or early morning.  Eating a snack does not mean junk foods. You have healthy alternates like- milk, curds, fruit, dry fruits and nuts, peanut butter, oats and millets, veggie sticks etc.

Going hungry only makes you more prone to junk snacking.  When craving strikes, the candy bar or chips packet is what you’ll end up munching. Or a high sugar containing beverage.

Its ideal to have a snack between meals especially when the gap is more than 3 hours.

Drinking water throughout the day- atleast 2 litres/ day is essential to keep the body well hydrated and to feel fresh.

Lack of sleep- less than 7 hours at night can also lead to poor task performance.

So, get your act together. Wanna be sharp? Eat healthy, rest well.


Deepa K

[ Chief Dietician]

<a href=":http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/junk-food-almost-twice-as-distracting-as-healthy-food-study/1/1077223.html">Read More </a>



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