Eat Healthy This Festive Season

Dasara is done....Diwali is fast be followed by Christmas and New Year.

Its about holidays, fun with family and friends, shopping.....and loads of eating!

As the saying goes.....a few minutes on the tongue and forever on the hips. By the end of the year or beginning of next, the food and drinks take a toll on your waistline and health.  Social beings as we are, we cant go and hibernate till the season is done. What we can do is be aware. Mindful eating is the answer.

Here are some tips to keep you happy and healthy –

1] Plan your calendar in advance- This means no heavy lunch and dinner. You have to schedule only one big meal in a day....preferably lunch or an early High tea, by 7pm.

2] Never go hungry- If you plan visiting people for a meal and you know it’ll be past your regular meal time, eat a light snack or fruit before you leave home. This way you won’t overeat at the party.

3] Scope out the buffet- take a walk around the food service and check out all that is being served. Then you can decide what to eat and what to skip. Just moving with a plate from one end to the other results in overloading- of the plate and your stomach!

4] Start with desserts- Yes! You got that right. If you have a sweet tooth, check out a dessert or two first . You can skip the main dish or eat frugally afterwards.

5] Portion Control- whatever you like, have a small portion[ especially desserts and snacks]. When the variety is vast, the calories load on fast.

6] Choose the healthier option- Like a broth soup over a creamy one. Wheat rotis over naan/ kulcha made of maida. Mixed veggies instead of buttery or oily sabjis. Baked / stir fried starters instead of fried pakodas/ samosas or Manchurian.

7] Drink in moderation. The one drink you can have through the day is –water! It’ll also cut down your hunger pangs and help in controlling over eating. Avoid all colas and fizzy drinks. They are harmful for health and pile on the calories with sugar content.

8] Eat Slowly- This reduces your food intake.....just try it.Take small bites, chew well. Its healthier too.

9] Share your guilt- when it comes to a dessert or a fried / rich item, share it with your friend or partner. Both of you will feel lighter for it.

10] Saying No isn’t negative-  when you feel full, don’t be tempted to eat a second helping. Compliment the host profusely but refuse extra food.

11] Cook Healthy- When you are the host, introduce your family and friends to low carb main dishes, low fat vegetables and starters, light desserts. Have fresh fruits and non aerated beverages. Its not to say make it a health club but see that there and some healthy options.

12] Exercise!! – Last but not the least, its most important to continue or get into an exercise regime now. Who doesn’t want to look sexy for New Year!

- Deepa K

[Chief Dietician]

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