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Chocobles - Skinny Dipped Banana Dark Chocolate -100gms

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Looking for Low Calorie Chocolates? Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolates takes all the best parts of leading brands and provide a healthier alternative - with Low Calorie Count with only 42 calories per serving! Skinny Dipped soft chewy Banana Dark Chocolates are lightly coated in 52% Dark Chocolate. Less Sugar, Less Calories, MORE WOW!


What's so good about our Chocolates?

Largest ingredient is always the Real Fruit
Center Fillings are carefully chosen for their natural sweetness
52% Dark Chocolate
Low in Calories
Low Sugar
No artificial Sweeteners
No Stevia and it's aftertaste
Diabetic Friendly
Portion Control Friendly


When to use?

Perfect as a post meal dessert
Suitable for most meal-plans
Great as a pick-me-up snack, for the mid-day slump


You can use them for:

Along with packed lunches & lunch boxes
For Picnics
As a Post gym snack
With your favourite hot drink or Coffee
After dinner sweet treat

AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS SNACK: Satisfy your sweet cravings with a low sugar, better-for-you snack that includes 0.7g of Fiber, 121mg of Potassium and only 42.5 Calories per serving.

RICH CHOCOLATE - Our ever-indulgent smooth Dark Chocolate paired with soft and fully ripened Bananas, have a rich chocolate feel with a piece of sweet tropical paradise in every bite.

ALWAYS SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: SkinnyDipped Banana is made with soft chewy Bananas, sourced from specific regions in India and is made with simple ingredients that are Non-GMO and Gluten Free.

SHARING SIZE RESEALABLE BAG: Includes ONE Resealable 100gms Bag of Chocoble SkinnyDipped Dark Chocolate Coated Banana; that are fabulous for sharing, and a great snack for a daytime boost of energy or a perfect late evening treat.

Things You Need To Know

Allergens: Milk, Soy and Nuts

Shipment: All shipments are checked before dispatch and are cooled before packing and dispatch. This product is fragile, delicate and lends itself to melting; whilst we do our best to ensure this all arrives in one piece there is always the possibility that the product may melt in transit.

NoteChanges in Temperature & Humidity may cause the product to develop a whitish layer, without affecting its quality - and is safe for consumption.
In the remote possibility of the chocolate having arrived melted, please put them in the fridge and reach out to us.

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