Weight Loss and Calorie Counting


Apart from the bathroom scales[ weigh machine], most people resort to calorie counting to aid weight loss.Calorie tracker can be a helpful tool in monitoring food intakebut obsessing only about calories could mean losing out on nutrition! For example- calorie rich nuts also are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids,mono and poly unsaturated fats,minerals like iron, potassium . Dry fruits are also a rich source of fibre.

The healthy way to eat meals is follow the “Healthy Plate”. Visualize your plate containing half portion as Veggies and fruit, quarter as carbs and quarter as protein source. But most lose track while snacking. What to eat, how much to eat- becomes a teaser. While fresh fruit or salad is always a good option, most people have little time to source it.

A healthy snack on –the- go becomes a need in fast paced lifestyle. It could be for working people or school children after school and before sports, older people who lack resources or ability to make a snack. While snack bars fill this gap, please read the label!

Check if most ingredients are natural and healthy, should contain least additives. Whole grains should be the major source of energy. Sweeteners should be natural but not sugar. Finally, calories should not exceed 100 – 150 calories. Any snack which is preservative free will have a lower shelf life but that is acceptable. It ranges from 1 to 3 months and always better to eat fresh.

  • Deepa K

[ Chief Dietician]


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