Have a Healthy 2018

Where have the past 12 months gone !!

Did you make any lifestyle changes towards better health in 2017?

Did you start off with good intentions and flounder along the way?

Well, here comes another brand New Year- 2018.....let’s begin on a positive note.

Here’s a list of things you could try doing.... make a change for the better.

-Have atleast one group meal in a day. Either with friends or family. Breakfast, lunch or dinner. It develops bonding and uplifts your mood.

-Do not skip breakfast ... no excuses!

- Eat one dal and 2 veggies daily.

- One snack a day shall be fruit

- Eat fast food or packaged foods only one day in a week or less. Will check contents and know the     nutritive value of junk I eat.

- Will drink 2 litres of water daily.

- Will walk atleast for 30 mins and climb atleast 3 floors / day[ health permitting]

- Will give yoga and meditation a try. Will listen to music daily and read a book to de stress.

- Sleep for minimum 7 hours at night and detach from all screens[ phone, TV , computer, Tab] atleast 1 hour prior to bedtime.


Deepa K

[ Chief Dietician]


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