Flavors Fuel Our Appetite

Think of your favourite food.....why do you like it?

Think of your most disliked food.....Why??

What keeps us going back for more is the flavour....the sensory perception of food.

Other than in specific health conditions, most people choose a food by its flavour. Even in a popular brand of food, like chips, there are some flavours that out sell others!

Flavors enhance the eating experience, but, be aware of the flavouring agents used.

It could be Natural, Like natural, or Synthetic.

Basically, a natural flavor is one that's derived from a plant or animal. An artificial flavor, on the other hand, does not come from a plant or animal source, and instead is generated from scratch.

 More than 2000 chemicals are combined on average to “make” just 500 “natural flavors.”  They trigger all the pleasure sensors within your body, to keep you craving these foods.  However, it is not truly natural, Its “ like Natural.”

So is there anything Natural nowadays? Not much. The majority of the food is genetically modified and processed, the flavors that we taste are simply imitations, and the colors that we see are fake. But there is a small portion of food that is truly flavored naturally. Everything comes down to reading the ingredients on the label.  R.A.W  Nutrition Bars have simple to understand ingredients and they use quality ingredients without any additives. They use the actual ingredients in their recipes to flavor the food rather than lab-combined natural flavors. It is still possible to flavor food in a natural way. But until we have strict labeling laws and continue allow companies to take advantage of loopholes, it’s important to only buy products that we know we can trust and to always read the labels. 

-Deepa K

Chief Dietician

<a href="https://www.cbsnews.com/news/food-flavorings-may-be-fueling-obesity-epidemic/">Read More </a>


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