Seconds ?……Wait a minute!

Have you been tempted to buy/ eat more than you originally intended? a buffet because you want to try all the dishes a café, where they offer you a free refill

..when you can get a “meal” for a little more

.. even big glossy posters posted all over town that makes you head out for the nearest eatery!!

Pause! Do YOU really want it? Is it meeting your health and nutrition needs or are you just having a craving?? Temptations come in many forms but resistance is only ONE…..YOU

Do remember…junk food only adds inches to your waistline and cuts years from your healthy life span. On your tongue for a few minutes and on your belly for long.

And finally… means you have to exercise longer and harder for  weeks.. to compensate for a momentary weakness. Just not worth it! Right? To help you make right choices, have some nuts, fruit or a wholesome snack bar handy. Whatever the visual cue….reach out for health at hand.

Deepa Kamath

[Chief Dietician]


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