Jaggery Joys

Jaggery or molasses also called Gur, Bella, Vellam is a natural sweetener got from sugarcane or palm. It is not a refined product. It is an instant energy booster with additional benefits of slower digestibility than refined sugar, added iron content and rich in potassium.
Some studies have even recommended jaggery consumption in polluted atmosphere as it helps the lungs.
According to traditional Indian Ayurveda texts, jaggery is considered to be the best medicinal sweetener which puries blood, aids digestion and improved lung health. It also contains trace minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and calcium. Jaggery is rich in taste. It is the safest and purest form of sugar and does not contain any chemicals.
Most festive desserts in India are made with jaggery, not sugar. So should you have a sweet craving post meal.....a small piece of jaggery could be most satisfying ??

........Deepa Kamath ( Dietician)


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